Why choose Rooted in Story?

Completely customized books.

You have a story to tell. And I realize you have choices when it comes to creating books to record your family memories. Yet the options offered by some companies are too often limited. I do not offer mere decorated photobooks or plain black and white text. Life isn't just about words or pictures—it's both! So, RiS books combine them. These books are also not locked into any certain length, design, or content. I offer multiple formats and a wide variety of themes, layouts, and colors to choose from.

I coordinate the project for you.

Many of these other sites also expect you to handle all the work by yourself. This myriad of details can be difficult to coordinate, and I can do all that for you. You choose the photos, text, and visual artifacts. I weave them together to produce a book that best reflects your story.

Writing services for all levels provided.

Many people love to write their family stories, but I also understand that you may not feel up to writing the text yourself. But you still want to document your memories and family stories. That's okay! I offer an array of writing services to help put together your book. You can write as little or as much as you please. Bring me your memories. I can transform them into a series of illustrated tales that you can treasure for a lifetime and pass on to future generations. From proofreading to editing to design and development—I've got you cover to cover.

I have the book printed for you.

I also handle the printing of your book—no need to worry about figuring out complicated computer software or working with a self-publishing site you may be unfamiliar with. I will do the work for you. I use the printing services of Blurb.com. Because they specialize in small runs, you can purchase as many copies as you like. There is no minimum to buy. Though, I do hope you want at least one!

I respect and protect your personal information. Always.

Finally, know that your personal information is in good hands. Making a book with me means you are choosing to entrust me with information about yourself and your family. I think it's annoying and unethical to share or sell that kind of thing. So, I don't. Ever. I always have your privacy in mind, and will do my utmost to treat you with dignity and keep your information safe. 

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