Organizing the Story

First steps can be easy or they can be cumbersome. The same is true when deciding to record your family story. You may have dozens or hundreds of photos (or boxes of 'em!) tucked all over the house. You might have pages of text or a journal from a parent or grandparent already written by hand. Perhaps you're just not sure where to begin. Regardless of your situation, the process of recording your family memories can easily become overwhelming. Set your mind at ease by letting me assist your family story writing journey. I offer a variety of preparation services such as organization, digital photo scanning, transcription, and the like. Read on below or jump ahead to explore writing and book-making services.

Memory Organizing 

We all have them: the boxes, cameras, and other devices full of pictures, papers, and other mementos just waiting to be organized. Your life is busy, so projects like these too often get placed on the back-burner. "I'll get to it," we say. "Some day." I can help make that day come sooner. Whether you plan to make a Rooted in Story book, scrapbook, or simply want to pass these family treasures on to the rest of the family, I can help you get organized: scanning photos and documents, matching names and dates on photos, helping you choose the best way to preserve your memories, and getting it done.

Digital Photo Scanning

Cut down on clutter and keep your old family photographs safe by having them scanned into a digital computer file. Whether you have just a few, several dozen for your family book, or you're archiving the family's photos, I can tackle them all. I scan at a high resolution (300 or 600 dpi), so you can use them for a book of family stories or just store them in high quality. If you ask, I can scan up to 6400 x 9600 so you can use your photos for whatever creative project you can think of.


Have no time for typing? Is it easier to write your stories by hand or record them? Have a diary or journal from a parent or grandparent that you would like to digitize? Not a problem! I can quickly and accurately transcribe your stories from paper or audio/video recordings. Plus, fees are based on the number of words in your text, so you never have to worry about your handwriting or my typing speed. (But it's pretty quick!)

I accept handwritten copies or typed versions with no digital copy. While I hope that you can be as legible as possible, know that I will work with you to get the text exactly as you intend. Digital recordings (mp3 format) are preferred, but I can accept regular-size cassette tapes, CDs, VHS, DVD, or Blu-ray. Not sure what you have? Just email or call, and every attempt will be made to accommodate you.

All transcription services come with free proofreading.


Are you missing a piece of your family's history and not sure where to look? I can aid you in your search. RiS is not a genealogical service, but I can put my research experience to work to help you complete your small project or RiS book.


If you prefer to tell your stories or have a family member that cannot easily put their thoughts to paper, RiS also offers one-hour interview sessions. Each session will be digitally recorded, which you can keep in mp3 or CD format. I can transcribe the interview or write up portions for your book. A discount is offered for multiple interviews or longer sessions.