Oak: the Family History

You've spent hours researching your family's history, tracking down the little details, tirelessly matching dates and names. Now is the time to share what you've learned with your family so they, too, can understand where they came from. Your ancestry information has no better medium than an Oak style book from Rooted in Story.

Far-reaching and longstanding, the Oak best represents the family histories. Like all RiS books, they combine visuals with text dedicated to telling the stories of your family. They 
are perfect for anyone with an interest in genealogy looking to chronicle their ancestors in one, easily shared medium.

Bring all the facts you can find about your ancestors: names, dates, relationships. You may also wish to add details about how people lived back then. Highlight beloved family heirlooms, artifacts, or even family recipes passed down to you by your ancestors. Don't forget to add in information and stories about you and your contemporaries. Shape and preserve their lives for your future genealogically-minded descendants.

In the middle of your genealogy search? I can assist on your research, provide organization of your data and photos as you go, help you keep track of sources, and coach you on how to bring everything together in your book. 

Oaks include:

  • A focus on the history of a family line: patrilineal, matrilineal, or both.
  • Multiple biographies for family members as far back as you prefer.
  • Biographical data, timeline(s), and other information on ancestors.
  • Unlimited photos and/or documents to support your family history.
  • May highlight family events and experiences, heirlooms, old family recipes, etc.
  • May include text and artifacts that show what life was like “in those days.”
  • May include picture collages and multiple family trees, 

Other Rooted in Story book formats include: