Willow: the Family Album

Family photo albums are full of precious jewels: how Grandma looked at your age; all those festive birthdays and holidays; how adorable your children looked over the years; even those funky haircuts and outfits you dared to sport.

Similarly, photo books and scrapbooks are great ways to creatively show off your family and all your memories. Everything all in one place, they truly show how pictures are worth a thousand words.

Yet family albums, photo books, and scrapbooks don't really excel at giving us details. In fact, they usually demand that you remember everything about those pictures yourself. Fun, certainly, but after so many years, can we really remember it all? Photo and scrapbooks often provide some space for captions, but do you really want to use the equivalent of a Twitter feed to document the lives your family, a family reunion, or a marriage? In those pictures, we see your family, but do we hear and understand them?  Here's where RiS can step in and take your photos to a whole new level.

The Willow best demonstrates what Rooted in Story is all about by flipping the photo book on its head, illustrating your pictures with words. Lots of 'em. Now you'll never forget the people, and times, places you want to preserve, because you'll be preserving pictures with the stories alongside them. Each book takes as much space as you need to document the story behind each photo, painting a picture well beyond a thousand words!

Willows can help you preserve what life was like for Grandma and Grandpa as young newlyweds, memorialize your family reunion, or tell the tales of your
new baby's family. You can present your grandchildren (or grandparents!) with an illustrated account of your family. Or document your wedding, whether it was a day just yesterday or your marriage of 50 years.

Willows include:

  • A focus on one family—single unit and/or extended family. Whoever you consider family!
  • Photos of significant family, places, times, and events.
  • Family stories and recollections aplenty. 
  • Details to preserve the lives of family in your pictures.
  • May include pages highlighting important family members, interests, and issues.
  • May include several picture pages or collages, a family tree, letter/essay on the family.

Other Rooted in Story book formats include: