Maple: the Biography

Pass down detailed memories and story about the people in your life with the Maple biography. This format is the most basic of the five formats and tells the life story of a single individual. Who can you write about? Just about anyone! Memorialize Grandpa Jack to share with your kids. Document your famous (or not yet famous!) ancestor. Create your own biography.

These books highlight essential info like names and dates, but above all weave together stories, memories, and experiences that reveal who your relative is as a person. The Maple is perfect for preserving memories of an aging parent, recently departed, person on a milestone birthday, or anyone you want your family to remember in vivid detail.

Maples include:

  • A focus on the personal biography of a single individual.
  • Stories and memories so you can remember that person for who they are.
  • Important experiences, events, and/or people in that person's life.
  • Life details like important dates, relatives & ancestors, and more. 
  • Unlimited photographs and documents to supplement the text.
  • May include a family tree and/or a letter to or from the biographer or recipient.
Other Rooted in Story book formats include: