About RiS

Rooted in Story is a book-making and publishing service run by Rachel Cochran. I create books that combine text and visuals that emphasize telling your story. I offer a variety of writing services tailored to meet your specific project needs, so you get as much or as little help as you need. No more; no less!

What kind of books can I help you make? Just about any! Past projects include: memorial biographies about a beloved grandparent; family album for the new baby; children's book about the family cat; memory book about a how a couple formed their relationship; and cookbook of favorite family recipes. Other project ideas include memory books for your wedding, landmark anniversary, or other significant experience; family history; and more. 

RiS books have a professional touch and are very customizable. More in-depth than photo books, more vibrant than black and white text, Rooted in Story creates illustrated tales that allow you to preserve your memories in a fun, beautiful compendium that will last your lifetime and beyond. To learn more, click on the following links: