Each RiS book is unique and requires different types of attention. The cost of your book will depend on its length, requested services, and printing costs. This page lays out information about costs. For a free quote, email me a sample of your text and a note about what services you are interested in. I will respond with a cost estimate and explanation of which services I think would work best for you.

All book projects have a production cost and a printing cost. The production cost is the charge for my services to create your book. The printing cost is the amount of money charges for printing and shipping the books.

See below for pricing on all organization, writing, and publishing services and special package rates. Gift cards also available.

Production Cost:

My pricing is based on cost per page of written text. One page equals 250 words. Your book may feature some pages with many pictures and others with only one or none, so pricing is based on the number of words in your text, not pages in the finished book. Each book may also include up to five “picture only” pages that contain only visuals with no written content. Use these spaces for chapter breaks, collages, and more. There is no charge for copyright pages, blank pages, chapter breaks, dedication or quotation pages, or similar pages with a tiny amount of text. However, including such pages may raise the book's printing costs. Captions are not included in word count.

Think your book will have more pages with only visuals than written words? Skip to the A la Carte Section for pricing information.


(=250 words)

Spring Dawn

Summer Nights

Autumn Evenings

Winter Days

Fifth Season Afternoons

All Year Long








Up to 40







Up to 60







Up to 80







Up to 100







Over 100







Minimum charge for 20 pages. (Pages may be of text, photos, or combination).

What do you get for this price?

Spring Dawn: I will partner with you to collect stories, memories, and other items for your book; assist in developing the text by providing ideas and questions to get you started and keep you on track; design and create book based on your preferences; provide basic optimization of your photos and visual content for printing; publish book through

Summer Nights: You provide me with a completely written text in digital form. In addition to everything outlined in Spring Dawn, I will also thoroughly proof and lightly copy edit your text. I will improve word choice and phrasing; correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation; maintain consistency in text, fact-check where appropriate, and the like. The text will be left as is except for these types of minor edits. I will not rearrange or provide additional text. The text will be tidied up, but remain practically the same as you wrote it.

Autumn Evenings: You provide me with a completely written text, which may be digital or handwritten. In addition to everything outlined in Spring Dawn, I will also thoroughly proofread and copy edit, making more changes than I would at the Summer Nights rate, do some minor text reorganization or rephrasing, and/or provide a little additional text. Your text will be even more improved, but remain mostly as you wrote it.

Winter Days: You provide me with a mostly complete written text, which may be digital or handwritten. In addition to everything outlined in Spring Dawn, I will proofread and provide heavy levels of copy editing. This means I will make significantly more changes than simple proofing including: word choice, phrasing, text reorganization and more extensive rewriting for clarity and quality, improving sentence flow, and the like. I will also provide some writing or significant rewriting and development. Large portions of your text will be altered.

Fifth Season Afternoons: You provide me with an incomplete written text, digital or handwritten, and you receive everything outlined in Spring Dawn plus I will thoroughly edit your text. Much of my work with the text will focus on major rewrites and development of text including increased levels of all changes noted above. I may write small portions of the text. The final text will be patchwork of your writing, my writing, and my alterations. This rate includes up to two hour-long interviews.

All Year Long: You provide me with unorganized content in written documents and/or interviews from which I produce a complete text. My job switches from changing your text to creating a text for you. This is a very labor intensive process and involves major development of text, organization, editing, and proofreading. This rate also includes up to three hour-long interviews.

Printing Costs:

In addition to services for creating and publishing your book, you will pay to print all copies of your book. Prices start anywhere from $10.95 to $49.95. They will vary according to book size, cover type (hard or soft cover), and paper type. No minimum number of book copies to purchase. Printer offers discounts if you print 10 or more copies per run. Printing costs are based on's pricing and cannot be controlled by RiS. For more details, click on this link to visit their pricing page.

A la Carte Services

Not yet ready for a book project? Need additional services not provided by the above rates? I also offer the following services:
  • Organization of your memories: photos, documents, mementos, and more $20 per hour.
  • Scanning of your photographs at 300 or 600 dpi. I will not scan professional photos without written permission of the photographer. $.40 per photo.
  • Transcription from print or audio/video: $3.00 per page. Each page equals 250 words.
  • Proofreading for mechanical errors: $20 per hour and free with other writing services.
  • Copy Editing for style, clarity, etc.: ranges from $25 per hour for light editing to $35 per hour for heavy editing.
  • Writing: from $.05 - $.25 per word, depending on complexity of text.
  • Research: $25 per hour.
  • Interviews: $15 per hour-long session. Discounts for longer sessions or additional interviews for as little as $10 per hour-long session.
  • Picture Only Pages (each): $1.00 (1-2 photos); $2.00 (3-5 photos); $3.00 (6-8); $4.00 (9-11); $5.00 (12-16).

Additional Optional Services:
  • Digital copy: PDF (each page contains watermark) and/or Word file (text only) and saved to storage device (CD, DVD, flash drive) for $2.00 plus the cost of the storage device. You may provide your own storage device or I can send via the Web (email or file exchange service). can provide a PDF copy without a watermark for $4.95.
  • e-book publishing: offers e-book publishing for iPads. Other e-readers are not supported at this time; formatting and copyright restrictions apply.
  • Changes made after final proof: $25 per hour; minimum one hour charged.
  • Additional printings: If you need additional copies of your book later, RiS will print them at cost plus a fee of $5 per order. Any changes to book billed based on type of work to be done.