Preparing the Manuscript

Ready to get started on writing your family stories, have something in the works, or have you completed a manuscript? RiS offers services for cover to cover. I can assist your writing process or proof and copy edit your draft to prepare it for printing. Manuscript services are outlined below or take a look at organization or book creation services.


Have no time for typing? Is it easier to write your stories by hand or record them? Not a problem! I can quickly and accurately transcribe your stories from paper or audio/video recordings. Plus, fees are based on the number of words in your text, so you never have to worry about your handwriting or my typing speed. (But it's pretty quick!)

I accept handwritten copies or typed versions with no digital copy. While I hope that you can be as legible as possible, know that I will work with you to get the text exactly as you intend. Digital recordings (mp3 format) are preferred, but I can accept regular-size cassette tapes, CDs, VHS, DVD, or Blu-ray. Not sure what you have? Just email or call, and every attempt will be made to accommodate you.

All transcription services come with free proofreading.


After all that time spent gathering together important memories and family stories, you want them to look their best. That means accurate spelling, grammar & punctuation, and no typos! Whether you provide a completely typed copy of your stories or stacks of handwritten notes, I will make sure that your text is as error free as possible. Fees for proofreading are charged by the hour and free with all transcription services.

Copy Editing

I want your text to shine, not only because it is grammatically correct, but because it is clear and polished. Get your stories across with a style that helps the reader of your book cry or laugh along with you. Copy editing gives your text that shine everyone will enjoy as they read your words. Whether text needs basic attention, some heavy reworking, or anywhere in between, I can help with style, clarity, and above all, communicating your meaning with readers.


Unsure about what to write or how to craft your stories? Let me take your ideas, notes, data, interview material, and the like and weave it into a flowing narrative. I love to tell stories and can help you tell yours.