Manuscript to Book

The time has come to craft your words and images into that book you've been dreaming about. You've worked extremely hard to get to this point, and now you want your work to look wonderful. Many choices lie ahead: page layout, fonts, margins, paper type, book size, cover design, where to publish, and lots of new software. I can put my keen eye to work for you designing your book and helping you print and publish.

No worries if you need to take some organizational steps or tend your manuscript: services available!

Book Design

If all your text is exactly as you want it and you just need someone to design your book, put it together, and publish it for you, then this service is for you. RiS specializes in layouts that combine text and images, so your book will turn out beautiful as well as informative. I use's software and services to design and publish your book. No worries about learning new software or interacting with unfamiliar websites. I take care of all that for you.


Very long texts with few pictures are less appropriate for RiS style books, which emphasize a combination of images and text. (But gotta say that even long RiS books are still pretty awesome!) There are still plenty of options out there for the family story writer, whether you want to print a few copies just for family or many more to share with the world. These include Createspace (Amazon's self-publishing wing),, Smashwords (for e-books), and others. All of these self-publishing options require you to navigate various software to prepare your book for distribution. Like the RiS book design/publishing process, I can handle all these steps for you, and soon you'll be well on your way to enjoying and sharing your newly finished book.